3 Reasons You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

3 Reasons You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

3 Reasons You Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’ve been injured on the job, do you know the steps to take to make sure that you aren’t responsible for medical bills? Did you also know that you can get paid wages while being on leave from your job because of your work accident? 

No one expects you to be an expert at California workers’ compensation benefits, information and laws.  That’s why we are here.  At Visionary Law Group we make sure that each and every client gets the benefits they need and deserve to survive, heal, and thrive after an on the job injury.  

In the past we’ve mentioned countless times that close to a million work injuries that end up with missed work days happen every single year! If you divide that by 365 days – that is close 2,800 injuries resulting in days off work EVERY DAY. 

Types of off-work injuries that can occur can be something like burns, scratches and cuts, wear and tear on the body over time, or more extreme injuries like limb loss, paralysis and even brain damage. 

If you are one of those people who have missed days of work due and were injured on the job in California. we want you to know that you should be focusing on healing and rehabilitation and we can help with the rest. Below are 3 reasons why you should hire a workers’ compensation attorney. If you believe you can benefit from any of these reasons, call us TODAY!

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  1. We are the experts in workers’ compensation claims

Lawyers can  practice different types of law but we focus on workers’ compensation claims and suits. What is workers’ compensation? It is the insurance that employers take out to cover their employees and business in case of an onsite work injury. This compensation pays for employees medical bills and lost wages when an injury occurs. This insurance is part of the employers requirements for having a business. This is not insurance that is paid by employees and in the state of California every business that has at least 1 employee must retain workers comp insurance. 

We can help you file your claim according to your injuries to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits owed to you. The DWC-1 is the claim form that needs to be filed by the employer.  We will fill it out and make sure it gets where it needs to be after your employer files it with the insurance company.

  1. We know how to handle claim denials

Even if you filed a claim on your own but you had your claim denied, don’t just stop trying to recoup your benefits. Call us and let’s figure out what needs to happen. California has a no fault rule when it comes to on the job injuries. Your employer must agree that the injury happened in order for the claim to go through. Your paperwork must be filed in a timely and correct manner. Sometimes the smallest errors in paperwork can lead to denial of a claim. 

We will go through the claim with a fine tooth comb for any errors and re-file to ensure you get the benefits that are available to you. 

  1. We provide you with peace of mind as your new contact person

Insurance companies, lawyers and more will call about your claim and injury. They can be confusing and misleading and try to get you to talk about your injury in hopes that they can find a way to deny your claim.  Let us handle the communication and you focus on rehabilitation. We are here for you and we will dedicate our time, expertise and services to getting your claim approved.  

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If you have suffered an on the job injury in the Southern California area and are struggling to file a claim, refile or appeal a denied claim or are simply struggling with getting your employer to give you information or file the claim, connect with us today.  Workers’ compensation claims are time sensitive and the clock starts ticking once the injury takes place.  Don’t miss out on the compensation owed to you for medical bills and lost wages because of misinformation or the fact that you don’t understand the process.  Let us work with you and get you everything you need while you heal and get better. 

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