How does Visionary Law Group Help After an Injury on the Job?

How does Visionary Law Group Help After an Injury on the Job?

How Does Visionary Law Group Help After an Injury on the Job?

Having an injury on the job in California can not only affect you physically, but also mentally. When you get hurt and your injury causes you to be in the hospital and out of work, you now have to worry about medical bills, rehabilitation and providing for your family while off work. 

This can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and more. 

As an injured worker who sustained the injury on the job you are entitled to benefits and resources to help you through this tough time. 

Did You Know? 

Almost ONE MILLION workplace accidents happen every year that require a person to miss at least one day of work. 

If you are employees in the state of California it is legally required for your employer to hold Workers’ Compensation Insurance. 

If you are injured on the job in CA and you report your injury/your injury is reported to your employer they have ONE business day to give you the information on resources, filing information and the DWC-1 form to start filling out. 

California has a NO FAULT workers’ compensation policy. It doesn’t matter if it was employee (self) error or other factors that caused the accident, you are still covered. 

*Many employees are afraid to report or file a claim  because they fear they will be denied due to it being their fault that the accident happened and the injury occurred. Call a work accident attorney if you have questions on filing your claim. 

The clock on having a claim accepted starts ticking once the accident happens. You must inform the employer, fill out the claim form and submit it for processing. 

You are NOT allowed to be fired due to being off work because of a workplace injury.  Your employer MUST hold your position if your doctor says that you can be allowed to return to work. 

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What Can I Do? 

If your injury on the job is severe enough that you are off work, you should consult a workers’ comp attorney. 

In our last article we discussed how workers’ compensation attorneys are different from others and how firms like ours, Visionary Law Group, can help you receive the maximum benefits you deserve.  

We also discussed previously about how workers’ comp attorneys are paid and the attorney cost for hiring one. 

In this article we are going to discuss why a worker’s compensation attorney, like our experts here at Visionary Law Group, can help you navigate through the workers’ compensation claim process and events that take place after your injury on the job. 

Your Employer is NOT Being Helpful

As stated above, your employer must hold workers’ comp insurance. This is part of the cost of doing business and is no added cost to the employee like health or life insurance. 

When you report your injury your employer SHOULD give you all the information and paperwork needed to start the process. 

If your employer is being lackadaisical or not forthcoming with information this could be a sign that they are out of compliance, or not wanting to handle the claim or accept that the injury happens. 

This is a clear red flag and should be handled immediately. Because you have a limited time to file and get your claim processed – you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. 

You’re Unsure How To File

The process of filing a claim can be difficult, stressful and complicated if you’re dealing with hospital and doctor visits, and rehabilitation. Your claim takes a bit to process and you will have to fill out different forms, talk to people from the insurance company and more. 

Here at Visionary Law Group we are not only your attorneys but also your advocates. We want you to get the maximum benefits you deserve. Let us help you fill out the paperwork to ensure accuracy and error reduction. 

Your Claim Has Been Denied

If your initial claim has been denied, it might be due to a minor error in the paperwork. Don’t let that stop you from trying the claim again but this time hire an experienced professional to help you file again. We know the ins and outs of the claims process from beginning to end and we are prepared to help you get everything you deserve! 

Don’t Lose Out On Benefits

If you’re struggling with any of the above scenarios after an injury on the job, don’t stress, give us a call. At Visionary Law Group we believe that you should get all the benefits you deserve. We will represent you and give your case the personal attention it needs to win. 

If you live in the Long Beach, CA, Hollywood or Southern California areas, connect with us today to get started on your workers’ comp claim process.

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