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If you had suffered a work injury in Long Beach or California, you’re probably entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Schedule a free, zero-obligation consultation with a work injury attorney and find out what benefits can you claim.

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California’s workers’ compensation system protects workers and offers them financial and health compensation after a work accident. There are a lot of benefits one can be entitled to based on specific factors such as type of injury, gravity, number of dependents, and more. Normally, the worker’s compensation is supposed to cover the loss of wages for the employees who are injured and cannot work to support themselves. Although the process should be relatively simple, injured employees might have to deal with the insurance companies, who often try to deny the claim or settle their case for as little as legally possible.

That’s when a qualified work injury attorney comes into play. They can leverage their expertise and accumulated experience in similar cases to help you navigate through the process and earn the compensation you deserve.

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Have a zero obligation consultation with a workers comp attorney in California. Check if you qualify and only pay when your case is won.

What if I cannot afford a lawyer to help with my case?

Most simple personal or work injury cases can be resolved without the intervention of an attorney. You should be able to resolve and settle the claim by negotiating with the employer and insurance companies on your own. However, if your claim gets denied or your accident circumstances are more complex, you’re probably going to need professional legal representation. However, even in these cases, you should not worry about your finances.

We understand that work accidents bring enough physical and mental stress on their own. Adding extra worries about finances in that equation will only make the situation worse. There are people who struggle to make ends meet on a normal basis. Therefore, they cannot afford to invest in a worker’s compensation case. This often causes people to give up their benefits and settle for whatever the insurance company offers then, even in cases where the benefits do not cover their necessities.

That’s why in the workers’ compensation niche, there are law firms like ourselves that work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not have to pay anything until your case is won and settled.

Have a zero obligation consultation with a workers comp attorney in California. Check if you qualify and only pay when your case is won

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What to do if the injury was my fault?

California workers’ compensation system works on a “no-fault” basis. That means that you do not have to prove that your employer did anything wrong in order to obtain compensation benefits. At the same time, you can still claim compensation benefits even if the work injury you sustained was partially or entirely your fault.

Although workers’ compensation usually covers most injuries sustained on work sites, there are exceptions. For example, if your damage was caused intentionally or came as a result of you operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your claim will get denied. If your injury happens as a consequence of you goofing around, your claim can also get denied. 

If your injury occurs as the result of a fight you started with a co-worker, you’ll normally be denied any compensation benefits. The pivotal point, in this case, is defined by the classic who “threw the first punch”. No matter if another worker was insulting you verbally, if you started the physical altercation that led to your injury, your compensation benefits will most likely be denied. 

Have a zero obligation consultation with a workers comp attorney in California. Check if you qualify and only pay when your case is won

Can I get fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

No, you cannot. It is illegal for an employer to punish or fire an employee for filing a worker’s compensation claim. In a lot of cases, injured employees are scared to claim the benefits they’re entitled to, fearing that that might lead to them being fired. We’re here to let you know that this is illegal, and you can pursue further legal justice if this is the case.

Nonetheless, your employer might be able to terminate your employment due to you violating safety requirements or taking unnecessary risks on the worksite. This is a complex issue and a very thin line between what’s legal and what’s not. If you have lost your job after a work injury, we recommend you speak with a work injury attorney that will help you determine whether your contract termination had a legal base or not. 

Need help with your worker's compensation claim? Schedule a free consultation with a workers comp attorney in California.

Why should I choose a workers comp lawyer in California?

As stated above, in most cases, you should be able to obtain the worker’s compensation benefits you’re entitled to without too much hassle or the need for legal representation. If your compensation claim is not disputed, you should be able to handle the entire process by yourself. However, if your workers’ compensation claim does not go as smooth as you’d expected and your claim gets denied or settled for less than you think you deserve, you’ll probably need a work injury attorney.

Here are the three main benefits a worker’s compensation attorney brings to the table.

1. Legal Expertise

When things go south, and you find yourself in a complicated debate over your rights, it’s better to have someone by your side who knows the ins and outs of the law. An experienced attorney can provide assistance with your litigation and paperwork and offer you multiple settlement opportunities.

2. Negotiation Skills

If your case gets complicated and goes to court, you’ll find yourself facing a team of experienced lawyers that specialise in finding reasons to get your claim denied or furtherly delayed. By having a work injury attorney backing you up in the negotiation process, you’ll level your chances of getting a positive outcome.

3. Case Experience

Workers’ compensation attorneys handle hundreds of claims and cases similar to yours. The experience they accumulate in their career will help you avoid any additional hassle or mistakes that you’d normally face. 

Need help with your worker's compensation claim? Talk to a work injury attorney for free and get the benefits you deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

If your initial workers’ compensation claim got denied, it could be due to a minor error in the paperwork. Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated professionals and obtain guidance throughout the entire process.

Our advice would be to contact a workers comp attorney in California as soon as possible in order to make the most out of your application. In case of spontaneous work accidents, you have a 30-day application time period in order to maximise your chances. You can contact an attorney if you need help with filing your case or if you find it too complicated to handle it yourself.

Yes, you can. Not all work injuries happen due to a spontaneous accident. Repeated exposure and unhealthy working conditions might cause workers to develop injuries gradually. It’s important that you let your employer know as soon as you become aware that your injury was caused by work factors.
If you had an accident on the job in California or LA your should notify your employer about the injury as soon as it occurs. After that, you should complete the workers’ compensation claim form, which should be provided to you by your employer. In case your employer fails to provide you with a claim form,you can download it from the DWC1 website. Read more about what should you do if you suffered a work injury in Long Beach in this article.
The benefits you could claim depend on a variety of factors. The workers’ compensation insurance in the United States covers a total of five basic benefits: medical care, temporary disability, permanent disability, supplemental job displacement and death benefits. You can find a more accurate description of this topic in this article.
If you suffered a work injury in Long Beach and did not file your worker’s compensation application in time, you’ll probably want to contact a workplace injury attorney. The law in this area is complex enough to allow for circumstances in which you might be excused for missing a deadline or benefit from a time-period extension.
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